Recognition for the Global Young Academy (& SDGs)

A/Professor Eva Alisic kept us posted on a few developments regarding young academies and related work regarding the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • The the fifth edition of the Africa Science Leadership Programme (Conversation article discussing this event) was convened, in combination with the opening of the interdisciplinary Future Africa campus. Over 100 engaged early- to mid-career researchers from across the African continent participated, and generated lots of discussion on global science leadership and science’s contribution to society (‘science’ in the broadest sense of the term: scholarship).
  • Eva presented on the triannual conference of the network of academies of science, engineering and medicine (the InterAcademy Partnership) regarding the 3-year project on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It’s gaining momentum, with academies getting more active. The Australian Academy of Science was presented as well and they have planned activities to collaboratively share the project’s upcoming report.
  • At the same meeting of the InterAcademy Partnership, the Global Young Academy got officially inducted as a full member and recognised learned society. It now has voting rights (and responsibilities) equal to the Australian Academy of Science. It is impressive recognition of a fabulous organisation.  There is scope for a promising researcher of the School apply to become part of the GYA in the upcoming election round (July-Sept).

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