Grants, Scholarship and Award Successes

Trisha Prentice received the Medical/Dental Research Postgraduate Scholarship

L-R: Karen Block, Dana Young (CHE), Sarwat Nauman (Merri Health), Jerril Rechter (VicHealth CEO), Maryanne Tadic (Merri Health), Tassia Michaleas (Merri Health), Nigel Fidgeon (Merri Health)

Karen Block, Dana Young and Lisa Gibbs from the Jack Brockhoff Child Health and Wellbeing Program (Centre for Health Equity) in partnership with Merri Health have received one of the this year’s VicHealth Awards for health promotion for their project "Count Me In: Promoting Sports Participation for Refugee and Migrant Young People".

Feedback from the awards selection committee specified that “Count Me In is a powerful example of the important role sport can play in not only driving health benefits, but also in building community, confidence, resilience, social connection and cohesion.”  Click here for further details of the 2017 VicHealth Awards.

Rebecca Bentley (CHE) (photo above) and Shanaka Herath from the University of Wollongong were jointly awarded the highly regarded Peter Harrison Memorial Prize at the recent State of Australian Cities Conference in Adelaide for their paper on "Crowding, housing and health".  The Prize recognises distinctive contributions to Australian urban research and the sustainable development of Australian cities and regions.

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