ARC Future Fellowship - Associate Professor Eva Alisic

Congratulations to Associate Professor Eva Alisic from the Evidence and Child Health Unit (Jack Brockhoff Child Health and Wellbeing Program, Centre for Health Equity) on receiving an ARC Future Fellowship for her research relating to Young people bereaved by domestic homicide.

This is a project that is sorely overdue. Children’s experience of parental death under extreme circumstances such as murder or suicide is an area of children’s lives in which little is known and is generally regarded by adults as too sensitive, creating a barrier to building more effective supports around children and responding to their needs.  Eva will be drawing on her experience in conducting related research in the Netherlands which influenced national policy.  This Fellowship will draw upon young people's, caregivers' and professionals' perspectives on children's living arrangements, relationships and identity development post-homicide to generate a theoretical model of children's outcomes as well as actionable advice for policymakers and practitioners.

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