Voice & leadership: Indigenous research in health equity

Podcast is now live on 28 March 2022, 9.00am

PODCAST 6: Voice and Leadership: Indigenous Research in Health Equity

What does research conducted by Indigenous researchers for Indigenous communities look like? And what is the importance of voice and self-determination in research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples?

Podcast 6

In this podcast, Professor Cath Chamberlain (Indigenous Health Equity Unit) interviews Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor Marcia Langton (Indigenous Studies Unit) and Shaun Tatipata (Indigenous Eye Health Unit) about their research magnifying the voices of Indigenous people, and addressing the intersecting health inequities they face. Marcia discusses her journey into public health as an anthropologist, and the significant impact she has had on addressing issues such as violence against women in Aboriginal communities. Shaun talks about his extensive experiences working in eye health, and the importance of voice, self-determination and representation of Indigenous peoples in eye health research.

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