The role of health equity during COVID-19 pandemic

Live on 31 Jan 2022 at 9.00am

PODCAST 2: Profiling the Pandemic: The role of health equity during the COVID-19 pandemic

When Dr Ros McDougall attended a bioethics conference in 2019 and listened to a presentation on flu pandemics, she didn’t realise that her work would soon have a similar focus…

In this podcast, Professor Louise Keogh (Health, Humanities and Social Sciences Unit) talks to Dr George Disney (Disability and Health Unit) and Dr Ros McDougall (Health, Humanities and Social Sciences Unit) about the way that COVID-19 changed their work, as well as their contributions to improving health equity during the pandemic. George discusses his quantitative research on the impact of the lockdowns on people living with disability and the way that COVID-19 magnified existing inequities in some populations. Ros discusses her qualitative research looking at the complicated questions being asked about COVID and bioethics, and what the future of pandemic research and health equity may look like.

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