Inclusion & connection: Psychosocial disability & health equity

Podcast was made live on 14 March 2022

PODCAST 5: Inclusion and Connection: Psychosocial Disability and Health Equity

Feeling included and connected to others is important to everybody, including people living with psychosocial disability. How can our research magnify inclusion and social connectedness with this population?

Podcast 5

In this podcast, Dr George Disney (Disability and Health Unit) speaks with Associate Professor Eva Alisic (Child and Community Wellbeing Unit) and Dr Alex Devine (Disability and Health Unit) about their research on psychosocial disability, mental health, and trauma. Eva discusses the important work she does on trauma recovery and post-traumatic stress in children and adolescence, and Alex talks about her unexpected journey into studying psychosocial disability and the importance of being a good ally to those experiencing mental health issues.

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