Confronting violence: Gender-based health equity

Podcast was made live 14 February 2022, 9.00am

PODCAST 3: Confronting Violence: Gender-based Health Equity

Violence against women is a confronting issue for all of us, but how do researchers confront violence in their work?

Podcast 3

In this podcast, Dr Natalie Jovanovski (Health, Humanities and Social Sciences Unit) speaks with Dr Meghan Bohren (Gender and Women’s Health Unit) and Dr Kristen Smith (Indigenous Studies Unit) on their local and international research looking at violence against women and its prevention. In this episode, Kristen reflects on the findings of her work with Aboriginal communities in Mildura and Albury-Wodonga, and the importance of taking an intersectional approach to understanding violence. Meghan reflects on her research looking at violence against women in obstetrics, and how she copes with some of her more distressing findings.

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