CHE Staff List

AITKEN, Zoe834 and Health UnitResearch Fellow
AKTER, Shahinoor and Women's Health UnitResearch Fellow
ALISIC, Eva834 and Community WellbeingAssociate Director, Child and Community Wellbeing
ANJOU, Mitchell834 Eye Health UnitSenior Research Fellow
BATHERN, Walter Eye Health UnitProject Manager
BAWDEN, Shane834 StudiesResearch Assistant
BENNETT, Ingrid StudiesResearch Assistant
BLOCK, Karen834 and Community WellbeingResearch Fellow
BOHREN, Meghan834 and Women's Health UnitSenior Research Fellow
BORSCHMANN, Rohan834 Health UnitResearch Fellow
BRADY, Kate and Community WellbeingResearch Fellow
BRYAN, Jordan834 Eye Health UnitPersonal Assistant
BYARS, Sean and Health UnitResearch Fellow
CAMPBELL, Alex Health UnitResearch Assistant
CARPENTER, Lauren834 and Community WellbeingResearch Fellow
CHEESMAN, Emily StudiesResearch Assistant
CHENHALL, Richard834, Humanities and Social SciencesAct Director, Centre for Health Equity and Unit Head 
CHIMINELLO, Clare903 Health UnitEA to Stuart Kinner
CLINCH, Darren StudiesRA to James Rose
COLLINS, Tamlynn Health UnitResearch Assistant
CRAMMOND, Brad and Health UnitResearch Assistant
CULLEN, StudiesPA to Marcia Langton
DAVIS, Erin and Women's Health Unit 
DeROSE, Kristy and Health UnitResearch Assistant
DEVINE, Alex834 and Health UnitResearch Fellow
DIMOV, Stefanie903 and Health UnitProject Manager
DISNEY, George903 and Health UnitResearch Fellow
EASTMAN, Tahlia834 StudiesResearch Assistant
FERGUSON, Rachael903 Eye Health UnitAdministration Assistant - Multimedia
FLEITAS ALFONZO, Ludmila and Health UnitResearch Assistant
GALLAGHER, Colin and Community WellbeingResearch Fellow 
GIBBS, Lisa834 and Community WellbeingDirector, Child and Community Wellbeing
GILDEN, Rosamond903 Eye Health UnitResearch Assistant
GILLAM, Lynn834, Humanities and Social SciencesProfessor
GILLOR, Guy903 Eye Health UnitAcademic Specialist
GILMARTIN, Kylie834 for Health EquityCentre Manager
GODIC, Bransilva and Women's Health UnitResearch Assistant
HAINING, Casey, Humanities and Social SciencesResearch Assistant
HENTSCHEL, Ruth834 for Health EquityCentre Admin/EA to Director
HUEBNER, Sharon903 StudiesResearch Assistant
HUNTER, Assunta and Health UnitResearch Assistant
IRETON, Greg834 and Community WellbeingMelbourne Enterprise Fellow
JAEGER, Tess, Humanities and Social SciencesResearch Assistant
JANCA, Emilia834 Health UnitResearch Assistant
JOVANOVSKI, Natalie, Humanities and Social SciencesLecturer
JOY, Kathryn and Community WellbeingResearch Assistant
KAVANAGH, Anne834 and Health UnitUnit Head
KAVENAGH, Mellissa903 and Health UnitResearch Project Coordinator/EA
KELSEY, Michelle903 for Health EquityBusiness Manager
KEOGH, Louise834, Humanities and Social SciencesSenior Research Fellow
KING, Tania903 and Health UnitResearch Fellow
KINNER, Stuart903 Health UnitUnit Head
KORASHI, Zainab and Women's Health UnitResearch Assistant
KRNJACKI, Lauren834 and Health UnitPhD Student
LANGE, Fiona903 Eye Health UnitTranslation Research Scholar Health Promotion IEH
LANGTON, Marcia834 StudiesDirector
LEPPOLD, Claire and Community WellbeingResearch Fellow 
MAHEEN, Humaira834 and Health UnitResearch Assistant
MARCK, Claudia834 and Health UnitResearch Fellow
MARINKOVIC CHAVEZ , Katitza903 and Community WellbeingResearch Ass/Student
MARTINO, Lesley Eye Health UnitTrac Comm Engagement Officer
MAVOA, Suzanne903 and Women's Health UnitGIS Senior Analyst
MCALLISTER, Ashley834 and Health UnitResearch Fellow
MCDOUGALL, Rosalind905, Humanities and Social SciencesResearch Fellow
MCKENZIE-KIRKBRIGHT, Levi StudiesRA to James Rose
MOLYNEAUX, Robyn834 and Community WellbeingResearch Fellow
MOOSAD, Lila and Women's Health UnitResearch Fellow
MORRICE, Hannah834 and Community WellbeingRearch Assistant
NIKAM, Rujuta and Community WellbeingResearch Assistant
PEARCE, Lindsay903 Health UnitResearch Fellow
PIRRONE, Alana834 and Community WellbeingCommunications Coordinator/EA
PRATT, Bridget834, Humanities and Social SciencesResearch Fellow
QUINN, Phoebe834 and Community WellbeingResearch Fellow
RAMSEY, Simon and Women's Health UnitResearch Assistant
RANGI, Mediya and Health UnitResearch Assistant
ROSE, James834 StudiesDRM
ROSE, Meribah StudiesResearch Assistant
ROWELL, Christopher and Women's Health UnitReseach Assistant
SAUNDERS, Tessa903 Eye Health UnitAcademic Specialist
SCHUBERT, Nicholas834 Eye Health UnitSenior Research Fellow
SCOVELLE, Anna903 and Health UnitResearch Assistant
SHIELDS, Marissa903 and Health UnitResearch Assistant
SMITH, Kristen903 StudiesResearch Fellow
STANFORD, Emma903 Eye Health UnitResearch Fellow
SULLIVAN, Claire and Women's Health UnitReseach Assistant
SUTHERLAND, Georgina903 and Health UnitSenior Research Fellow
TATIPATA, Shaun Eye Health UnitLocated in Alice Springs
TAYLOR, Hugh834 Eye Health UnitHarold Mitchell Chair of Indigenous Eye Health
THORPE, Alister Health Equity UnitLecturer
VAUGHAN, Cathy903 and Women's Health UnitAct Director for CHE, Act Head for GWHU
WILSON, Alyce and Women's Health UnitReseach Assistant
WILSON, Nick8344 Eye Health UnitRes Project Coordinator/M & Comms Officer
WYNNE, Carol834 Eye Health UnitResearch Fellow 
YOUNG, Dana903 and Community WellbeingResearch Assistant
YOUNG, Jesse834 Health UnitResearch Fellow