What our students are saying

One Master of Ageing student talks about her experiences

Can we ever say we have mastered the ageing process, nor even wish to? This undeniable fact will face all of us universally, yet generally considered a universally 'unappealing' outcome of life.  We're surrounded by 'anti-ageing' zeitgeist every which way we turn.

How do we adapt to these changing economic, educational, medical needs of our ageing populations? What kind of product innovation, government policy, employment and medical advocacy will be required now and into the future?   These questions are strategic, and sit with me as a medical industry marketer to offer inspiration for future products and services.

In January 2016, I embarked on a journey to understand from some of the best minds in the country, just how we can all benefit, more deeply appreciate and investigate the needs of an ageing society at Melbourne University, in the Master of Ageing in Society. I’ve completed 5 subjects so far in the course and what has struck me most is how practical this has been for my work, everything from developing flexible work arrangements for my team, understanding the whole customer experience over the course of a lifetime and new market segmentation.

I want to be part of the movement to change these preconceptions, to demonstrate what is possible, unlock the potential as we age and tailor my work in more subtle ways – there is no great homogenous ‘aged’ group of people, but many varied consumers who have the right to demand equality, compassion and dignity. I’m passing this on to my colleagues, friends and even positively impacting on my own family, mining older family and friends as case studies and mentors.

This is a course that is wide ranging and holistic with quality resources and tools that I expected. I’m enjoying the interaction with peers from completely different back grounds and ideas, I have made friends and meet outside of the course where we continue discussions and support each other in our own careers as an Ageing in Society network….who knows where that will lead?

[Source: Rachael Wass, Marketing Manager Continence, Critical Care & Customer Engagement Manager at Hollister Inc. (Liberty Medical), Master of Ageing student at the University of Melbourne]