Seeking industry partners for Master of Ageing student projects

Work based placements or research projects

[Image: Queens University, SOAR]

The first students in the Master of Ageing have reached the final “capstone” phase of their study. The “capstone Project in Ageing” provides an opportunity to consolidate the learnings of this multidisciplinary degree through a work-based placement or research project. This is an exciting phase of graduate learning in which the University and industry can work together to strengthen the applied skills of our Master of Ageing students while adding value to the industry partner’s programs. We are currently seeking student research or placement options – while some students may be seeking a workplace experience others will be available to undertake a desktop research-focussed project that doesn’t require the student to be physically present in the organisation.

What is involved?

A work placement would involve the student being available for 20 – 30 days (equal to four to six weeks full time) or part time e.g. two to three days per week for 10 weeks within a 20 week timeframe, to undertake a project or activity related to ageing, specified by the organisation. The student will produce a report on the placement project which is available to the Industry partner and is also submitted for assessment as part of the student’s study requirements. The student does not need to be at the workplace all the time but we are seeking a work-integrated learning experience that exposes our graduate students to industry settings and challenges. Examples of the type of industry projects a student could undertake include project planning or design, small scale evaluations, development or testing of assessment tools, and needs assessments.

A research project in ageing would not require the student to attend the workplace, except for briefings or information sharing, which can also be undertaken remotely / by phone if the student is based in another region. The research project might involve analysis of a data set, design of research instruments such as surveys or focus group guides, review of practice or program guidelines, or completion of a literature review in an area of policy or practice in an ageing-related area.

Find out more

The Ageing Project provides flexible opportunities for students and industry partners to work together for mutual benefit - please get in touch if you would like to discuss the possibilities in more detail. In the first instance please contact Master of Ageing Course Coordinator Lena Gan.

[Source: Rosemary McKenzie, Director Teaching and Learning, Melbourne School Population and Global Health]