What Our Students Are Saying

One Master of Ageing student talks about her experiences

Kristine Gatt is completing a Master of Ageing within the School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne. This wholly online suite of courses is the only interdisciplinary program of its kind in Australia. Below, Kristine records her experiences and perceptions of completing one of her core subjects, Ageing in Society.

I wasn’t really prepared for this subject to feel confronting, but for me, layers of personal and professional defences were peeled back right from the start to provide me with the opportunity to experience a deeper understanding of just what it is to be ‘Aged’ in modern society. Like many of my colleagues, I was forced to become quite introspective and integrate my personal experience with the more formal scholarly process.

This unit has enabled me to become a more confident professional and an effective advocate for older people in the workforce; I’m more thoughtful and far more knowledgeable about the frameworks available globally to support change for older people.

‘Ageing in Society’ was well organised, well facilitated, delightfully challenging and of such a high standard that it has inspired me to consider research into the future. I have a new found confidence and thoroughly enjoyed the collegial environment created during this unit of study. I didn’t expect the process of discovery and learning to be such fun!

[Source: Kristine Gatt is a Master of Ageing student at the University of Melbourne]