Meet personal Diabetes Coach Laura

A world first trial of an interactive educational, advisory program for type 2 diabetics

Laura - coach

The My Diabetes Coach program is designed to help self-manage type 2 diabetes.

Personal coach Laura provides expert information and advice, while supporting and encouraging you to keep on track. She makes it easier to monitor and manage your diabetes using a mobile phone or tablet. The program includes:

  • A smart phone app which provides support, resources, and feedback via Laura, your virtual coach
  • A discussion board and website
  • A user guide and technical support from a program coordinator

Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia, with one person being diagnosed every five minutes. Type 2 diabetes accounts for 85 per cent of all cases. Maintaining adequate glucose control is essential to preventing or delaying complications. Yet, only about half of Australians with diabetes are reaching the clinical target for glucose control. The University of Melbourne’s My Diabetes Coach program aims to simplify the management of diabetes and to reduce the risk of developing serious diabetes-related complications.

Professor Brian Oldenburg, from the University of Melbourne’s School of Population and Global Health, is leading the My Diabetes Coach program, which presents a novel approach to supporting type 2 diabetes self-care.

Feedback from participants:

  • Content is fantastic - thorough, interesting and easy to understand.
  • I had a really good week with Laura’s help.
  • My wife and I joke about my weekly dates with Laura.
  • I really like Laura she has a great personality.
  • Laura encouraged me to keep trying despite my having a ‘bad week’.

If you are 18 years or older, have type 2 diabetes and have registered with the NDSS, we would love to hear from you!

[Source: Professor Brian Oldenburg, Melbourne School of Population & Global Health]