The Business of Ageing

National Seniors Conference was held at the RACV Club on 15th June 2016

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Keynote speakers: Business Futurist, Morris Miselowski; CEO of Estia Health, Paul Gregersen; and GM of St George Retail Banking, Ross Miller. 

Panelists: Gerard Masour, Commissioner for Senior Victorians; Deborah Ralston, Professor of Finance, Monash University; Georgina Williams, Australian Super Executive; Louise Rolland, Executive Director People & Advisory, Ernst & Young; Alison Monroe, CEO Sageco; and Professor Philip Taylor, Director Research, National Seniors Australia.

Some points of interest from the conference:

  • The definition of ageing is changing and we need to move away from stereotypes
  • Most of the wealth resides with the 50yrs+ group
  • In the not too distant future, our children will routinely live to over 100yrs
  • Our children could have an average of six careers and 14 jobs in their lifetime
  • Life will no longer be linear and business hours will be deconstructed
  • Contractors, freelancers and micro-workers will become common
  • People no longer want generic, they want the individual or artisanal
  • Older people are willing to pay for quality services
  • We must keep quality and the customer at the forefront of strategic thinking
  • There is a great opportunity for businesses to innovate and provide services
  • There is a need for greater choice in housing and accommodation stock
  • Customer and employee satisfaction are interlinked
  • Seniors are not a segment - they are a heterogeneous group of individuals
  • We need education to overcome prejudices and stereotypes - ageism
  • There is a lack of financial literacy about retirement in Australia
  • In 2003 the average retirement age in Australia was under 55yrs
  • 33% of Australians leave work due to a health issue (theirs or a family member)
  • Is age discrimination more an issue of recruitment or retention?
  • In the last 10 years of a working life, superannuation doubles
  • The distinction between full and part time work is becoming blurred - a continuum
  • Policy needs to take into consideration that needs & priorities change over the life course