Australian Seniors Living and Aged Care Innovation Tour

This tour was sponsored by architectural firm Marchese Partners and WT Partnership


As part of this Tour, the Master of Ageing and the Melbourne School of Design co-hosted a full day seminar on the 26th May. Participants were directors and managers from UK and Australian organisations in the seniors living sector. To quote the Marchese Partners newsletter “Eleven people, nine days, six senior project tours, four flights, two cities, one vineyard, one university and a very enthusiastic group of attendees!”

The underlying idea behind the tour was to exchange information and ideas around the future of seniors living in Australia and the UK. Developments visited during the tour. Speakers and provocateurs from the university included Dr Tim Adair, Professor Frank Vetere, Professor Alan Pert and Associate Professor Clare Newton, Lena Gan and Dr Ruth Williams who were joined by Andrew Philip, managing director of Retirement Communities Australia.

Anthony DelDuca from Marchese Partners said: “The level of expertise of all the speakers and the professionalism shown in the presentations was noted by all. Thank you for a brilliant effort - the day couldn't have gone any better - we were all very impressed.”

Site visits included: the recently opened Mark Moran Vaucluse, NSW; Waterbrook Greenwich, NSW; Watermark Castle Cove, NSW; IRT Links Seaside, Wollongong, NSW; Hester Canterbury, VIC; Rathdown Place VIC; and Victoria Grange, VIC.

Both international visitors and local attendees thoroughly enjoyed the day at the University, which ended with a panel discussion followed by a cocktail event co-hosted by Russell Kennedy Lawyers and Pitcher Partners. 

Feedback from one of the attendees on the week-long tour: "Thank you for a great week down under - learned a great deal, been really impressed by what we have seen, and most of all enjoyed your company and the discussions on seniors and aged care. Thank you for your generosity and for making the tour so enjoyable and useful!"