Cystisine versus varenicline for smoking cessation

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Tobacco smoking is a leading cause of preventable disease and death. Smoking rates are higher among disadvantaged Australians and facilitating smoking cessation in this group is a national health priority. A number of strategies can increase cessation success, but relatively few smokers use proven effective strategies on any given quit attempt. New strategies that have a greater population wide health benefit are needed, yet there are few effective evidence-based interventions.

Worldwide scant data exists on cytisine's efficacy compared to frontline marketed smoking cessation medications; at the exception of one RCT that demonstrated superiority with nicotine patch.

Given that no trials have compared cytisine to varenicline, the aim of this study is to conduct a world-first CONSORT-adherent, pragmatic, single-blind, noninferiority randomised controlled trial (RCT).


Dr Dennis Petrie


Professor Michael Farrell (NDARC)

A/Prof Natalie Walker

University of Auckland

Dr Hayden McRobbie

Queen Mary University London

Professor Peter Choong (St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne)

Dr Michelle Dowsey (St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne)


NHMRC Project Grant (smoking cessation) 2016-2019

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Health Economics

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Infection and Immunology

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Prevention and management of non-communicable diseases (including cancer), and promotion of mental health

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