Work, Gender and Health

Project Details

In this research program, work and worklessness are social determinants of suicidality, mental health and wellbeing.

This project will tackle the high incidence of suicide in working men. Initial studies show stressful working conditions are a major risk factor for mental health problems and suicide among men, and this research aims to find the reasons why and link workplaces into health services which can help. The fellowship will develop initiatives and strategies for workplaces and the business community to reduce the incidence of mental health and rates of male suicide by linking them into health services.

Dr Milner has published numerous academic papers on work related stressors, disability and suicide, and actively engages in research and policy in this area. She is the National Academic Director of Mates in Construction, and the co-chair of an international working group on suicide prevention Australia. Areas of focus include: gender, employment and suicide, suicide prevention, employment and mental health and employment and disability.


Dr Allison Milner


Victorian State Government Science Research Fellowship, 2017 2021

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