Understanding how local and regional accessibility are associated with travel related health and economic impacts

Project Details

This research aims to:

  • examine the associations of accessibility of local and regional areas with time spent in active travel (i.e. walking and cycling) among adults and young people; and
  • model the health and economic impacts of active travel related to differences in local and regional accessibility.

The objectives of this research are to answer the following research questions:

  1. Is local accessibility in home and place of work/study neighbourhoods associated with travel mode, daily minutes of active travel, and meeting physical activity guidelines for adults and young people?
  2. Is regional accessibility between home and place of work/study associated with travel mode to work/study, daily minutes of active travel and meeting physical activity guidelines for adults and young people?
  3. How do young people's travel patterns interact with those of their adult carers?
  4. Do associations in Objectives 1-3 vary by individual (i.e., socioeconomic status, disability, motor vehicle access) and environmental (i.e., area-level disadvantage and location in the Melbourne metropolitan area) factors?
  5. What are the health and economic impacts associated with changes to local and regional accessibility and travel mode (e.g., a shift from using private motorised transport to active travel modes)?

Project summary

This project will examine how local and regional accessibility (e.g. having near by shops and services and efficient public transport) are related to walking and cycling. It will investigate the complex relationship between adult and children's travel and estimate the economic and health cost of inequalities in opportunities for active travel.


Dr Hannah Badland, RMIT
A/Professor Rebecca Bentley
Professor Billie Giles-Corti RMIT

Dr Annette Magnus, Deakin University
Mr Giles Micheaux,VicRoads
Ms Rayoni Nelson, VicHealth
Dr Jan Scheurer, Curtin University, RMIT
Mr Joshua Stewart, Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure


Australian Research Council and VicHealth Promotion Foundation

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Gender and Women's Health

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Disparities, disadvantage and effective health care

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