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A range of research studies produced by the Unit have been referenced in Australian media and policy development. Members of the Unit also contribute to policy debates through government submissions and tenders, and advising on strategy. The Unit is particularly active in the area of developing indicators and measures around the social determinants of health. Media engagement is also a significant part of our research outputs:

Selected Media

Interview with Rebecca Bentley, The Minefield on ABC Radio about housing affordability, 20 September 2017
Segregating the disabled is unacceptable, The Australian, 23 June 2017
Teenagers who are both bully and victim are more likely to have suicidal thoughts, The Conversation,  28 April 2017
What's the verdict on Labour's Health Summit?, Croakey, 30 March 2017
Interview with Yen Kim on SBS Radio (Cantonese) about ASPIRE Project, 27 March 2016
Interview with Anne Kavanagh, Eavesdrop on Experts about Disabling Ableism 15 March 2017
Why it might be time to reconsider the money spent on genetics research, The Conversation, 2 March 2017
Interview with Allison Milner, Medical Journal of Australia about Suicide in Health Professionals, 22 September 2016
The gender pay gap is harming women's health, The Conversation, 14 December 2016
Dangerous love: death and violence on Australian visas, SBS online, 12 December 2016
Temporary migrants in violent family situations denied welfare lifeline, SBS online, 9 December 2016
Emerging voices: family, violence in immigrant and refugee communities, Pursuit, 7 December 2016
Removal of ‘double dipping’ from parental leave may impact mothers’ health, The Conversation, 27 October 2016
Housing: the hidden health intervention, The Conversation, 21 October 2016
Why 100 years without slum housing in Australia is coming to an end, The Conversation, 25 August 2016
Smart cities wouldn't let housing costs drive the worse-off into deeper disadvantage, The Conversation, 21 June 2016
Unemployed and at risk: More help needed for those out of work, The Conversation, 9 February 2016
Why society is making people with disabilities sick, Pursuit, 29 January 2016
Violence against people with disability matters, The Conversation, 27 November 2015
You call that affordable? How our thinking on housing has become skewed, The Guardian, 12 June 2015
'Slappers and Stickers'; the hidden victims of rising house prices, The Conversation, 5 June 2015
Politics of the pill: why we don't have better contraceptivesThe Conversation, 24 September 2013
Interview with Allison Milner, AM with Sabra Lane on ABC Radio, Men under 44 in blue collar jobs at highest risk of suicide, 24 July 2013

Research Publications

Our Unit consistently produces high-quality publications in leading journals:

Featured articles

Aitken, Z, Hewiit B, Keogh L, LaMontagne AD, Bentley R, & Kavanagh AM. Young maternal age at first birth and mental health later in life: Does the association vary by birth cohort? Social Science & Medicine.  157, May 2016, 9–17.
Bentley, RJ, Pevalin D, Baker E, Mason K, Reeves A and Beer A. Housing affordability, tenure and mental health in Australia and the United Kingdom: a comparative panel analysis.  Journal of Housing Studies, 31 (16), 208-222.
Garrett C, Keogh L, Hewitt B, Newton D & Kavanagh AM. Young Mothers’ Experiences of Receiving the Baby Bonus: A Qualitative StudyAustralian Social Work, 70 (1) 54-65.
Mason K, Baker E, Blakely T & Bentley R. Housing affordability and mental health: does the relationship differ for renters and home purchasers? Social Science & Medicine, 2013: 94:91-97.
Milner A, Maheen H, Currier D and LaMontagne. Male suicide among construction workers in Australia: a qualitative analysis of the major stressors precipitating death. BMC Public Health, 201717:584.
Vaughan, C., Murdolo, A., Murray, L., Davis, E., Chen, J., Block, K., … & Warr, D. (2015). ASPIRE: A multi-site community-based participatory research project to increase understanding of the dynamics of violence against immigrant and refugee women in Australia. BMC Public Health, 15(1), 1.

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