iPrevent: a support tool to facilitate discussion about breast cancer prevention and screening

Project Details

To determine needs of consumers and clinicians for an evidence-based, personalised, computerised tool to assist GPs, breast surgeons and Family Cancer Centre clinicians to easily and accurately assess an individual woman's breast cancer (BC) risk, and to effectively convey tailored information about the disadvantages and benefits of the relevant risk management interventions for that individual. Specifically to:  i) determine needs of women users and clinicians for the iPrevent tool ii) pilot test the iPrevent prototype in targeted clinical settings. iii) revise the iPrevent prototype to a final version which can subsequently (outside this funding period) be tested in Phase II/III randomised controlled trials (RCT) in primary care and specialist settings.

Project summary

Women at increased risk for breast cancer (BC) should be identified and offered prevention and intensified screening. Yet most women don't know their personal risk for BC. We will develop a user friendly, computerised tool which, used with her doctor, will help each woman understand her personal BC risk and the benefits and disadvantages of prevention and screening strategies. It will empower women to understand and take control of their BC risk.


A/Professor Louise Keogh (lead for qualitative component)

Professor Kelly Phillips (Overall lead) (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre)

Professor Jon Emery (Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne)

Professor Rod Jackson (School of Population Health, Univeristy of Auckland)

Professor Bruce Mann (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and The Royal Melbourne Hospital)

Dr Alison Trainer (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre)

Mr Adrian Bickerstaffe



National Health and Medical Research Council Project grant

Research Publications

Collins IM, Steel E, Mann GB, Emery JD, Bickerstaffe A, Trainer A, Butow P, Pirotta M, Antoniou AC, Cuzick J, Hopper J, Phillips KA, Keogh LA (2014) Assessing and managing breast cancer risk: Clinicians current practice and future needs. The Breast. 23: 644-50. 

Phillips, K., E. Steel, I. Collins, J. Emery, M. Pirotta, B. Mann, P. Butow, J. Hopper, A. Trainer, J. Moreton, A. Antoniou, J. Cuzick and L. Keogh (2015) Transitioning to routine breast cancer risk assessment and management in primary care: what can we learn from cardiovascular disease? Australian Journal of Primary Health, (2015), 22 (3) 255-261.

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Gender and Women's Health

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Prevention and management of non-communicable diseases (including cancer), and promotion of mental health, Screening and early detection of disease

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