Areas of Specialisation

Governance and Financing

One of the Nossal’s principal activities is to conduct research, provide an evidence base and develop policies to strengthen the foundations of health systems in low- and middle-income countries in Asia-Pacific. We focus on health systems governance, funding arrangement and policy frameworks to better support the delivery of effective services and programs. Health systems organisation, governance and finance focuses on:

  • Public-private health systems - research and analysis on strategies for management and regulation of mixed public–private health systems
  • Health Financing - research and technical support for governments and development partners seeking to advance universal health coverage in low- and middle-income countries of the Asia–Pacific region
  • Low-cost technology - research and development of low-cost, electronic mobile diagnostic devices for use in the strengthening of primary care delivery in low-income settings in Africa and Asia.

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Disability Inclusion for Health and Development

Disability inclusive development promotes the inclusion of people with disability in all international development initiatives, with the ultimate aim of equitable development outcomes for all. The Nossal Institute works towards strengthening and supporting disability inclusive health systems through:

  • Undertaking research on disability inclusion and measurement to inform evidence-based policies and practices
  • Strengthening capacity of health, education, social protection and humanitarian systems to enable disability inclusion, through training and mentoring, research, policy and tool development
  • Providing technical assistance regarding disability inclusive development program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • Fostering professional development in disability inclusive development of government and civil society stakeholders including Disabled Persons Organisations within the Asia–Pacific region, through Australia Award fellowships and other mechanisms
  • Leading Australia's only accredited postgraduate subject in this sector, 'Disability in Developing Countries'.

The Nossal Institute works in partnership with international NGO CBM Australia to build capacity in disability-inclusive development practice and research in Australia and the Asia–Pacific region. Drawing on strong technical expertise, the CBM–Nossal Partnership for Disability Inclusive Development supports individuals and organisations working within the sector by offering:

  • Needs assessment
  • Mentoring and peer support
  • Organisational policy and tool development
  • Technical advice on disability inclusive development programming and research
  • Short courses in disability, regular forums and seminars to develop knowledge and networks.

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Maternal, Sexual and Reproductive Health

The Nossal aims to strengthen equitable access to high quality maternal, sexual and reproductive health services through research, education and program delivery. Our work focuses on building health systems to achieve more sustainable outcomes in low and middle income countries. Areas we focus on are:

  • Access to quality obstetric and neonatal care in communities and health facilities
  • HIV/STI prevention and care
  • Family planning, infertility and reproductive technologies
  • Youth reproductive and sexual health
  • Prevention and treatment of reproductive cancers
  • Gender and health

We aim to build better health systems by:

  • Conducting rigorous research to provide an evidence base for policies and programs
  • Supporting national and sub-national governments and development partners with analysis, development and implementation of effective strategies, policies and programs
  • Teaching and research capacity building, from undergraduate to research higher degree level, and through tailored short courses with development partners

Our current regional expertise includes South and South-east Asia (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines), East Africa (Kenya and Ethiopia), and the Pacific (Fiji and Tonga).

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