Dr Linda Rae Bennett

Head of Education and Learning

Linda is a medical anthropologist who specialises in sexual and reproductive rights and health, gender and health equity and gender-based violence. During the past 20 years, she’s spent extended periods of time conducting community-based research with women and young people in Southeast Asia, Australia and the Pacific, particularly Indonesia. She feels lucky to have been able to ‘hang around’ long enough to see positive change in many of the communities she has worked in.

Linda enjoys research capacity-building in low income settings and is constantly motivated by the challenge of designing research that addresses the priorities of different communities. She thrives in the interdisciplinary environment at the Nossal Institute and seeks to promote a culture of critical thinking among her global health students.

She is an award-winning author and recently edited Sex and Sexualities in Contemporary Indonesia, which won two international prizes. Her son, her cats and caffeine cravings get Linda out of bed each day. When she isn’t working – or thinking about work – Linda loves to swim in the ocean, read novels in a hammock and embark on endless culinary adventures.

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