Fleur Smith

Technical Advisor

Fleur first became part of the Nossal Institute in 2015 when she was an intern. She’s a paediatric occupational therapist who’s worked with children in mental and physical health settings in Australia and overseas.

She has a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from La Trobe University and a Master of Public Health (International Health) from Monash University.

The focus of Fleur’s clinical work, which she continues while at the Nossal, has been with children from birth to six-years-old. She’s passionate about prevention, early detection and intervention for childhood developmental delays and disabilities, and developing the systems and workforce to achieve this.

A year in Samoa working in villages and with local fieldworkers as part of an early intervention program for children with disabilities interested Fleur in global health. She then completed an internship at the World Health Organization before arriving at the Nossal Institute. Her personal goal is for children everywhere to have the opportunity to reach their potential.