Dr Liem Nguyen

Senior Technical Advisor

Making significant improvements in the health and socioeconomic status of vulnerable people drives Liem. It has been a focus since he completed a Bachelor of Economics, majoring in Demography, at the National Economic University in Vietnam. He also has an MA and PhD in Demography/Sociology from Brown University in the US.

Liem joined the Nossal Institute in 2017 from the National University of Singapore, the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and Curtin University. He’s managed projects in population, health and development, health equity and social determinants of health. A career highlight was developing a mobile health (mHealth) intervention to improve maternal and child health in a remote area in Vietnam – the initiative was selected for the 2017 Global South eHealth Observatory awards.

Liem starts his day with a cup of strong green tea and at work he enjoys the practicality of his research and working with colleagues from different disciplines.