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Trachoma is the leading cause of infectious blindness in 42 of the world's poorest countries.

Australia is the only developed country in the world to still have active trachoma in remote Indigenous communities. Trachoma is most often found in small children but scarring and in turned eye lashes are found in older people throughout the country. Trachoma persists in areas with poor personal and community hygiene.

In 2010, IEH coordinated the development of the Trachoma Story Kit, a comprehensive kit that includes flipcharts, guidelines and student resources that can be used by clinics, schools and community groups to provide clear and consistent messages about trachoma, how it is spread and how everyone can help to eliminate it.

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Order Trachoma Resources

The Trachoma Story Kit, and other resources, can be used to promote facial cleanliness in schools, clinics and communities, and are available to order at no charge, with some resources available to download

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Trachoma Multimedia

A number of videos and songs are available to watch, listen or download to raise the awareness of trachoma, the importance of facial cleanliness to stop the spread of disease and to promote the 'Clean Face, Strong Eyes' health promotion message.

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Milpa the Trachoma Goanna

Milpa the Trachoma Goanna, has become a mascot for healthy eyes and good health in remote communities. We are happy to make the Goanna logo and its associated materials as accessible as possible while still maintaining its visual presentation and re-enforcing its brand recognition and messages.

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Milpa the trachoma goannaMilpa the Trachoma Goanna