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Diabetes Eye Care

Indigenous people with diabetes form 72% of those needing eye care each year so they are an essential group to engage with. Up to 98% of the vision loss from diabetes can be prevented with annual eye examinations and timely treatment.

Indigenous Eye Health (IEH) at The University of Melbourne has undertaken an engaging, community-driven process to develop eye health promotion resources focusing on eye care for those with diabetes to raise the awareness and knowledge of the prevention of diabetes related eye conditions and the importance of annual eye examinations

The specific objectives of this work are to:

  1. Increase the awareness and knowledge of the prevention of diabetes related eye conditions and the importance of annual eye examinations
  2. Increase the awareness and knowledge of the availability and accessibility of eye health services
  3. Increase the knowledge and awareness of health professionals in prevention, identification and referral pathways for diabetes related eye health conditions
  4. Support and improve the capacity of organisations to deliver locally appropriate eye communication and awareness

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Order Diabetes Eye Care Resources

The 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' resource kit is available to order at no charge, with some components available to download

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A selection of multimedia resources is available to support the 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' diabetes eye care messages that can be displayed and used in a variety of ways including: waiting room TVs, social media, websites, local community radio, newsletters and education programs.

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Get Involved

Find out about other ways to use ‘Check Today, See Tomorrow’ resources and ideas to promote key eye health messages using a range of channels, such as social media, health events and awareness days, and strategies to integrate into existing diabetes and education programs.

We encourage creative adaptations of the ‘Check Today, See Tomorrow’ resources, messages and related illustrations to support local community needs to raise awareness on diabetes eye care. We are happy to make the 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' logo and its associated materials as accessible as possible while still maintaining its visual presentation and re-enforcing its brand recognition and messages.

Other promotional resources (such as T-shirts, wristbands) to reinforce the ‘Check Today, See Tomorrow’ message at community events are also available to purchase.

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